Tesla support with the BluWave-ai App is working well with no major issues for any particular years or models.

New Tesla API rolling out in Jan 2024

Tesla is rapidly changing their interfaces for 3rdparties in Dec 2023 with full retirement of the old interface in Jan 2024. We are reacting to this, and a lot of details are also in flux from Tesla as this rolls out.

In Dec 2023 linking through the App is all that is needed, but come Jan 2024 you will need to also add a BluWave-ai Virtual Key as well.

Addition BluWave-ai SmartCar Virtual Key Step

At some point in Jan 2024, queries to ask for Battery Level and to Pause/Resume charging will require the BluWave-ai SmartCar Virtual Key. This can be installed in advance of Jan 2024 so no interruption in service occurs.

Clicking the below link on your phone will open your Tesla App and ask you to allow third party “smartcar.com” to link to your vehicle. Please allow it.


Tesla Permissions when Linking

When linking your Tesla, please "Select All" permissions to have a smoother experience. We have reports that the descriptions Tesla used are not entirely accurate for the permissions shared. For example Pausing/Resuming charging requires Vehicle Command permissions too.

Re-Link to Change Permissions

If you didn't "Select All" permissions for Tesla to share with Smartcar and are having errors, you will have to remove permissions completely and re-link your vehicle.

Open your Tesla app, and tap the top-right profile icon to go to your Account. 

Then tap on "Account", then "Security and Privacy", then "Manage Third Party Apps". This will pop-out a browser to Tesla's account management site. Tesla will ask you to login many times.

When you're at the "Third Party Apps" screen, find the entry "Smartcar", tap on "Manage", then remove the account.

Now you can re-link. In the BluWave-ai app, go to "Profile" -> "Settings" -> "Linked Accounts". Tap on "Unlink", and then "Link" your vehicle again.

Vehicle Limitations